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Office of University Sustainability

The mission of the Office of University Sustainability is to create a culture of environmental stewardship at FIU. In alignment with FIU’s Strategic Plan, the office aims to significantly reduce FIU’s negative impacts on the natural environment by collaborating across university departments, enhancing student opportunities and internships, and developing community partnerships. The office will encourage environmental stewardship by instilling best practices that are sustainable, economically feasible, and socially just.

Sustainability can be interpreted and defined in many different ways. Different sources define the word sustainability as the capacity or ability to endure; durability; permanence. The Office of University Sustainability at FIU accepts the World Commission on Environment and Development definition of sustainability as “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (1987) There are three main pillars that make up sustainability; often referred to as the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profits.